Introducing the CubeTwo
Multi-Sample Plastic Tensile Testing
190925 Cube One V2 Tray Side Samples 2.p

The CubeTwo is built to handle standard samples including:

  • ASTM D638

  • ISO 527

CubeTwo Specifications
Setting up the CubeTwo

Step 1: load up to 6 or 12 tensile samples into the tray

Step 2: Use touch screen to start test 

Results: get your data analyzed and sent to your computer


- Yield

- Elongation

- Stress strain

- And more

A look inside the CubeTwo

Load cell

  • Industry-leading Omega load cell

  • Calibrated and certified to ASTM E74 standard

Smart grips

  • Electronic grips designed for plastics

  • Automatically adjust during testing to ensure the perfect grip everytime

Vision extensometer

  • Calibrated and certified to ASTM E83 standard

  • Vision system software using advanced technology to ensure accurate results everytime

  • Able to handle any color or material