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At LabsCubed, we believe in the power of materials to change our world

The Founders

One of the most interesting lessons we learnt from engineering is the importance of materials. New innovative material could change everything. From this fundamental lesson, we as the founders started LabsCubed, with the belief that materials change our world. 

CubeOne Prototype

2019 Competition

"Automated polymer testing system garners top prize at Startup Stadium competition”

– (Plastics Today) June 6, 2019


LabsCubed is the top prize winner at PLAST-EX and the Advanced Design & Manufacturing Expo competition

IEC 2019

New Manufacturing Plant

In March 2020 we moved into our new manufacturing and office facility. With this new space, LabsCubed has ramped up to full production.


Expanding our product lineup

Throughout 2022 a majority of our R&D team has been working hard expanding our machine capabilities to bring easy to use automation to more material verticals. 

Screenshot 2023-07-11 171355.png
Prototype 1.152.png
LabsCubed Founders.jpg

Our First Prototype

We went out and spoke with over 100 professionals in the rubber industry, and alas: almost every one of them said the industry needed a faster and better way to test samples. In that same year of 2016, we began designing the first version of our robot.


The CubeOne

October 2019, after 6 prototype iterations, over 10,000 samples tested, and a large round of venture capital investment, we have manufactured a high-accuracy and high-consistency tensile testing machine and delivered it to our first customers

New Manufacturing Plant.jpg

Production machines

CubeFive Front

Hardware and Software

In 2023, LabsCubed enters a year of remarkable growth, expanding our range of solutions to serve customers in both hardware and software domains. With dedicated effort and time, we have been diligently incorporating enchanting features that elevate our system to a whole new level of magic.

About Us

In 2021 our first full production machines started going out the door to customers. 

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