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Automated Tensile Testing for Plastics


Introducing the CubeTen


What is the CubeTen

The CubeTen is a user-friendly automated physical testing machine specifically designed for plastics and adhesives. 

What Samples Does the CubeTen Test

Tensile Testing

Our machine is engineered to effortlessly handle all standards, including ASTM D638, ISO 527, DIN, and JIS, ensuring seamless compatibility for your testing needs.

Adhesive Testing

Single lap shear and T-peel can be run on the same machine with no modifications.

How Does it Work

Performing tensile tests is a breeze with our simplified 3-step process. First, effortlessly place up to 10 samples into the tray slots. Next, insert the tray into the machine and easily configure your test using the intuitive touchscreen interface. Finally, with a simple push of a button, the machine will sequentially load, break, and unload each sample, ensuring a seamless testing experience for the entire tray.

General Specifications
CubeFive specs_edited_edited.jpg
CubeTen specs for website .png


Once all your tests are completed rich and accurate data is produced. From full stress-strain curves, single lap shear data or peel data all tests are accompanied with in-depth raw data collected for each test. 

CubeTen Features

Automated Thickness

In our pursuit of creating an effortlessly user-friendly automated tensile machine, we have carefully assessed each step involved in the testing process. Recognizing the significance of measuring thickness during tests, we have incorporated an automated feature within the machine, streamlining and simplifying this crucial aspect for technicians.

Automated thickness callout.png


When it comes to tensile testing, measuring elongation is an essential factor that cannot be overlooked. At LabsCubed, we understand the significance of this process and have designed our products to cater to your specific needs.

The CubeTen is equipped with two exceptional options for elongation measurement. Our first option is a highly accurate crosshead displacement system that ensures precise and reliable results. Our second option is a an automated physical extensometer. With these advanced technologies, you can confidently obtain accurate measurements for your testing.

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