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Testing ASTM D412 and ASTM D624 specimens

CubeOne Maintenance

What kinds of tests does the CubeOne robot perform?

The CubeOne performs both tensile and tear tests according to the following standards:

Can you mix tensile and tear tests in the same 12-sample drawer?

Yes. The CubeOne robot can perform both tests intermittently.

Can I use the CubeOne robot without connecting to the internet?

Yes. The CubeOne robot has a USB slot in case your internet goes down or if you just need your data to be kept offline.

What colors of samples and markers does the CubeOne support?

The CubeOne can measure rubbers and markers of any color, as long as the two create a contrast (i.e. green marker on green rubber wouldn't work).

How long does LabsCubed take to manufacture and deliver a CubeOne robot?

We currently ask for 3 to 6 months for the manufacture and delivery of our robots.

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