The Future of Automation in the Rubber Industry
April 22, 2020, 11:00 am EST

One of the biggest challenges manufacturing executives face when shifting their organizations to Industry 4.0, is implementing automation effectively. A robot doesn't replace humans, it just displaces them to a new place. The secret is in defining what that new place is, and how the flow of work will change in the organization.

Khaled Boqaileh

CEO of LabsCubed


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11:00 am - The future state of rubber manufacturing and automation

11:10 am - The challenges involved with automation and their consequences

11:20 am - How to better prepare your organization for the future of automation

11:30 am - Q&A: you submit your questions and we will answer them

11:45 am - A demo of LabsCubed's CubeOne robot for those who are interested

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