Mechanical tensile testing Reimagined

At LabsCubed we know that your R&D and quality labs are busy places that are vital for your business to succeed. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to increase the efficiency, consistency and accuracy of your labs? All while freeing up your workforce and continuing the same standard testing with no disruption to your lab. The good news is there is a way!


Standard testing

Everyone of our machines follows ASTM and ISO standards, ensuring machines can be easily placed into any current lab with no disruption.


In addition to the standard testing, automation is then added to the machine to speed up testing, improve consistency and free up your workforce.

Innovative software

After automating the standard testing, the last step is to connect it to intelligent and easy to use software. 

Tensile Specimens
Tensile Test Tray
Tray in machine
CubeOne Multi-Sample Tensile Test Robot.


Top prize at plastics


“The CubeOne has been a great addition to ACE’s laboratory from both a productivity standpoint and repeatability standpoint. Anyone can load it, walk away to perform other tasks, and let the Cube do its job without seeing the variation in data we might typically see from stop-go interruptions and personnel changes. In addition, the entire LabsCubed team has been quite responsive to questions and feedback from initial setup past full integration into daily operations. Their continued drive for improvement coupled with automated equipment like the CubeOne has allowed ACE to stay agile and do more with less!”


- Doug Foster, Director of Operations at ACE Products and Consulting in Ohio, USA

Stack of Tires

Rubber Tensile Testing Automation