Mechanical tensile testing Reimagined

At LabsCubed we know that your R&D and quality labs are busy places that are vital for your business to succeed. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to increase the efficiency, consistency and accuracy of your labs? All while freeing up your workforce and continuing the same standard testing with no disruption to your lab. The good news is there is a way!

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Top prize at plastics


190925 Cube One V2 Front Low 2500p
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Standard testing

Everyone of our machines follows ASTM and ISO standards, ensuring machines can be easily placed into any current lab with no disruption.


In addition to the standard testing, automation is then added to the machine to speed up testing, improve consistency and free up your workforce.

Innovative software

After automating the standard testing, the last step is to connect it to intelligent and easy to use software. 

Tire Pile

Rubber tensile testing