Automated Rubber Tensile Testing

Increase Efficiency

Simplify Testing  

Empower Your Team To Do More

The CubeOne

Step 1: load up to 12 tensile or tear samples into the tray

Automated Rubber Tensile Testing

Step 2: Use touch screen to start test 

Results: get your data analyzed and sent to your computer


- Yield

- Elongation

- Stress strain

- Tear strength

- And more

Safe Simple
5-Min Setup time
36 Tests
Skilled lab technicians spend too much time loading and unloading testing machines, and then watching them operate. Not to mention the safety concerns and inherent measurement inconsistency that arises due to human error.
The CubeOne Automated Rubber Tensile Testing system was specifically designed to solve all of these problems.

Support & Maintenance

Customer experience is our priority #1. 

Calibration and maintenance

Your CubeOne will always stay sharp. We offer 24/7 support, and our service partners have access to all of the documentation, parts, and tools required to keep you at peak performance.

Installation and setup

Installing the CubeOne is as easy as it is to use it. With a total length of 4ft and a weight of 150 lbs, it can be easily placed onto a bench. From there, plug it in (110V), turn it on, and begin testing.