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Mechanical tensile testing Reimagined

R&D and quality labs are busy places. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to stop wasting time on manual labor, deal with fluctuating demands, and eliminate data inconsistencies? 


Not enough people?

Finding great people to hire is a difficult and time intensive process. 

Inconsistent data?

How accurate and consistent is your data? 

Difficulty scaling?

Do you need to scale today but you are limited by the current resources you have? 

Are you solving these problems in your lab today?

The Solution: The CubeOne

We know solving your customer's material problems is your passion. Our goal is engineering and designing equipment that enables you to keep your customers happy. To achieve this we have created the CubeOne, an automated tensile tester that helps rubber testing labs increase accuracy, consistency and speed of testing.

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Tear Specimens
CubeOne Robot


“The CubeOne has been a great addition to ACE’s laboratory from both a productivity standpoint and repeatability standpoint. Anyone can load it, walk away to perform other tasks, and let the Cube do its job without seeing the variation in data we might typically see from stop-go interruptions and personnel changes.

In addition, the entire LabsCubed team has been quite responsive to questions and feedback from initial setup past full integration into daily operations. Their continued drive for improvement coupled with automated equipment like the CubeOne has allowed ACE to stay agile and do more with less!”

- Doug Foster, Director of Operations at ACE Laboratories in Ohio, USA

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“We’ve added the CubeOne to our quality department. This allowed for better repeatability of the measurements and gave the technician time to perform other tasks during each test sequence.

The LabsCubed team was very responsive in adapting the interface with our other computer systems and, to take into account our comments on the performance and ergonomics of the interface. This quick and efficient feedback is greatly appreciated within our team.”

-Jean-Damien, R&D Laboratory Chemist at Soucy Techno in Quebec, Canada


“We are really happy with the performance of the CubeOne and with your responsiveness. It has absolutely streamlined our testing and data retrieval process to the point where it’s actually enjoyable to do. 

There were initially reservations about purchasing as opposed to just upgrading. This is because when we’ve purchased new equipment in the past it has almost always come with either major issues, growing pains, poor customer service or some combination of the three. We have experienced none of that with your company or your machine. You have been great. The CubeOne has been consistent and user-friendly. Thank you for putting together this great product that works as advertised.”

-Raymond Franklin, Rheology Laboratory at Momentive in North Carolina, United States


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Top prize at plastics

2020 Winner for EPDA

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Automated Rubber Tensile Testing

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