Automated Tensile Testing for Plastics

Introducing the CubeTen.

What is the CubeTen

The CubeTen is a user-friendly automated physical testing machine specifically designed for plastics and adhesives

Recover Lab Time

Maximize efficiency with the CubeTen, saving up to 95% of your team's time for higher-value tasks.

Optimize your lab

Maximize ROI while accelerating lab results and optimizing technician time.

Ensure Data Consistency

Automate testing results in up to 30% increased consistency, proven by extensive studies.

Unique Technology

The Benefits

Experience seamless automation with our user-friendly, affordable tensile testing machine, boosting productivity instantly.

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What Samples Does the
CubeTen Test

The CubeTen machine is expertly engineered to handle a wide range of testing standards, including tensile tests for ASTM D638, ISO 527, DIN, and JIS. Additionally, it effortlessly conducts adhesive tests such as single lap shear and T-peel on the same machine without requiring any modifications, ensuring versatile and seamless compatibility for diverse testing needs.

Tensile Testing

Our machine effortlessly handles ASTM D638, ISO 527, DIN, JIS, and more, ensuring seamless compatibility for all your testing needs

Adhesive Testing

Single lap shear and T-peel can be run on the same machine with no modifications

How Does it Work

Easily perform tensile tests: Load, configure, press start. Done.
Loading your samples
Simply load up to 15 tensile samples, with your choice of mixed compounds and different materials.
Starting the test
Utilize the touchscreen to effortlessly input compound names and begin testing with just a touch.
Review your data
After testing, conveniently review your data from your system, on the machine touchscreen or in our cloud.

General Specifications

Key features and performance criteria of our advanced testing equipment.

250lbs (115kgs)

Force (Omega Load Cell)

Up to 10kN


Up to 500%

Automated Thickness and Width

In our pursuit of creating an effortlessly user-friendly automated tensile machine, we have carefully assessed each step involved in the testing process. Recognizing the significance of measuring thickness and width during tests, we have incorporated an automated feature within the machine, streamlining and simplifying this crucial aspect for technicians.

A Sneakpeak inside the CubeTen

After tests, get rich, accurate data including stress-strain curves, shear, and peel data, with in-depth raw data for each test.

Reviewing your Data

We Offer Multiple Solutions to Integrate Data
We offer multiple Solutions to integrate your Data – > We Offer Various Data Integration Solutions including direct to your current system, alpha enterprise, cloud solutions and much more.


For accurate tensile testing, choose from our two options: a precise crosshead displacement system or an automated physical extensometer. Get reliable measurements tailored to your needs.

Cross Head

Each machine is equipped with a precision-built system to accurately measure cross head displacement, meticulously calibrated to meet the rigorous standards set by ASTM.

Automated Physical Extensometer

The CubeTen, paired with our highly accurate and tuned automated extensometer, delivers consistent and repeatable strain data for all materials.