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Automated Tensile Testing

Introducing the CubeOne

The Benefits

Unlock the power of automation in your lab today with our user-friendly and affordable automated tensile testing machine. With just 5 minutes of training, you can harness its capabilities effortlessly. Experience the convenience and efficiency of automation, streamlining your testing processes and enhancing productivity to new heights. Embrace the future of testing technology with ease and confidence!

Save Time

Maximize your technicians' time and reclaim valuable hours for higher-value tasks with CubeOne. This powerful solution empowers your team to save up to 85% of their time, enabling them to focus on more impactful and rewarding jobs. Say goodbye to inefficiency and unlock the true potential of your workforce!

Save Money

Accelerating lab results and optimizing technician time not only saves a tremendous amount of time but also proves to be highly cost-effective. On average, customers recover the investment in the machine within a year, making it a smart and profitable choice. Embrace efficiency and experience rapid returns on your investment, providing a competitive advantage and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Improve data consistency

Testing, a complex process heavily reliant on operators, can be significantly improved through automation. By embracing automation, we address inconsistencies, leading to a remarkable increase of up to 40% in overall consistency. Extensive studies across various organizations have revealed the transformative power of automation in ensuring accurate and reliable results.

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Standard testing

Every one of our machines follows ASTM and ISO standards, ensuring machines can be easily placed into any current lab with no disruption.



In addition to the standard testing, automation is then added to the machine to speed up testing, improve consistency and free up your workforce.

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The CubeOne is built to handle ASTM standard samples including:

  • ASTM D412

  • ASTM D624

  • ISO 37

CubeOne Specifications
CubeOne Size.jpg

Setting up the CubeOne

CubeOne Robot

Step 1: load up to 12 tensile or tear samples into the tray

  • Mix and match samples shapes and different compounds in the tray

CubeOne Tray.jpg

Step 2: Use touch screen to start test 

  • To start testing, simply input the names of the compounds, then press the "start" button. It's that simple!

Touch Screen.png

Step3: Get your data analyzed and sent to your computer

  • UTS (Ultimate Tensile Strength)

  • Yield Strength

  • Elongation

  • Full Stress-strain (Force-elongation) curves

  • Tear strength

  • Modulus Data

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CubeOne Brochure
Anchor Brochure
A look inside the CubeOne

Load cell

  • Industry-leading Omega load cell

  • Calibrated and certified to ASTM E4 standard

  • The machine is crash-proof, ensuring you never need to worry about the load cell.

Specimen Grips.jpg

Smart grips

  • Patented electronic grips are designed specifically for rubber testing

  • Experience the cool brilliance of smart technology within the grips. Effortlessly conquer sample slips as the grips dynamically adjust during testing, delivering a flawless and awe-inspiring experience. No more worries, just pure, confident testing!

AI Vision System

Vision extensometer

  • Calibrated and certified to ASTM E83 standard

  • Multiple cameras able to capture up to 1000% elongation

  • Vision system software using advanced technology to ensure accurate results everytime

  • Able to handle any color or material

Automated Thickness

In our pursuit of creating an effortlessly user-friendly automated tensile machine, we have carefully assessed each step involved in the testing process. Recognizing the significance of measuring thickness during tests, we have incorporated an automated feature within the machine, streamlining and simplifying this crucial aspect for technicians.

Automated thickness callout_edited.jpg
4-Min Setup time
36 Tests

Skilled lab technicians spend too much time loading and unloading testing machines, and then watching them operate. Not to mention the safety concerns and inherent measurement inconsistency that arises due to human error.

The CubeOne Automated Rubber Tensile Testing system was specifically designed to solve all of these problems.

Integrating the Data

We have multiple solutions to integrate the data:

  • Our cloud based solution

  • Integrate into your current software system and automatically upload the data

  • Print data to a connected printer
  • Export data through a USB port on the machine

Support & Maintenance

Customer experience is our #1 priority. 

24/7 Suppor On The CubeOne

Calibration and maintenance

Your CubeOne will always stay sharp. We offer 24/7 support, and our service partners have access to all of the documentation, parts, and tools required to keep you at peak performance.

Installation and Setup on the CubeOne

Installation and setup

Installing the CubeOne is as easy as it is to use it. With a total length of 4ft and a weight of 150 lbs, it can be easily placed onto a bench. From there, plug it in (110V), turn it on, and begin testing.

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